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Last winter, I went looking for a horse blanket dryer because I was tired of draping muddy, sopping blankets on crossties and in my tack room. But I couldn’t find one anywhere in the USA. I found some in the UK and Europe, but the electrics were wrong, and shipping was exorbitant. 

So I started Questriant to build the Blanket Valet right here in Pennsylvania, using safe, time-tested technologies and quality American construction. 

Originally I thought I’d use my Blanket Valet for drying rain-soaked sheets and blankets. And I do. But now I also hose off mud, dirt and sweat without a second thought, knowing I can dry blankets in just a few hours. 

The Blanket Valet has also turned out to be handy for drying expensive saddle blankets that can’t be tumbled dry, including my husband’s hard-to-clean Western saddle pad. It warms bits to just the right temperature too. 

You’ll probably find other uses as well. And, like me, wonder how you ever managed without it.

I look forward to hearing from you soon!