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Workarounds vs the right tool for the job

Workarounds vs the right tool for the job

Until now, there hasn’t been a good way to dry horse blankets when they come in wet and muddy. So everyone has had to be ingenious. 

  1. Take wet turnout blankets to the house or garage. 
  2. Clip crossties together and drape horse blankets all around the barn. 
  3. Hang turnout sheets and blankets on fences. 
  4. Leave wet horse blankets on the horses to dry out. 

The thing is, none of these answers is ideal. Who wants to schlep heavy, muddy horse blankets to the house? And who wants a house full of smelly horse rugs? Hanging blankets and turnout rugs on crossties in a wet barn is more hopeful than effective—they stay wet for daaaaays. 

And when is the sun shining outside to dry off your blankets when the horses come in dripping wet? 

As for leaving cold, wet blankets on the horse…it’s an invitation to rain rot and other skin conditions, never mind that it cannot be nice for the horses. 

So, yeah, you CAN do all these other things, and you HAVE done all these other things, because what was the option? 

The fact is that now there is a better way—the right tool for this job. It easily solves this ongoing problem of how to get cold, wet rugs to be warm and dry in a reasonable amount of time. 

Unlike the workarounds, The Blanket Valet is convenient, effective, and tidy. Once you have one in your barn, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it. 

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