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Mud Season!

Mud Season!

We get a lot of use from the Blanket Valet from fall through winter. It's cold, it's wet, blankets get soggy. But the real challenge comes in February, when the grass has been thoroughly beaten up and eaten down. There's nothing to hold the earth together. It freezes and thaws, holding puddles on top, and hooves churn puddles across the paddocks. The water has nowhere to go. And although the mud is ice-cold and fetlock-deep, the horses love to roll in it! Blankets come in not just sopping, but filthy.

So February is when our Blanket Valet starts working around the clock warming and drying cold wet blankets (and the aisle!).

The Blanket Valet also gives us the courage to put those yucky blankets in the wash stall for a good rinse since we can be sure they'll be warm, cozy and dry by morning. Even when they're dry, we can pop them on a Blanket Valet for a few minutes so they're not chilly on the horses' backs, especially the clipped ones. 



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