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Your all-weather solution

Horses turned in with cold, wet blankets? Warm them dry in just a few hours.

Wash blankets any time

No need to wait for sunshine to wash and dry blankets. Any day can be a wash day!

Neat and tidy

Keep your barn crisp and organized. No more draping blankets everywhere.


Damp blankets breed rain rot and mildew. Dry horse rugs are better for skin and lungs.

FInally...the right way to manage cold, wet horse blankets

PERFECT SIZE: 42 x 76 inch powder-coated steel frame stands up to big, heavy, wet horse blankets

PEACE OF MIND: Heated with the same time-tested technology as a water heater. Uses non-toxic antifreeze to withstand temperatures to -30 degrees F. 

EASY: Plugs into an ordinary socket. Water-proof switch and GFI plug provide redundant safety. 

PORTABLE: Heavy-duty 7-inch wheels make the unit easy to move as needed.  

VERSATILE: For a smaller footprint, you can stand the Blanket Valet up and attach it to the wall using the enclosed z-shaped bracket.

ELEGANT: Streamlined design keeps your barn looking crisp and organized.

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As a veterinarian, I have found dry blankets are a must to promote a healthy, shiny coat and avoid rain rot. I’m thrilled to finally have a Blanket Valet! It’s so convenient and works a charm to keep my horses warm and cozy. Every barn should have one.

— Celia Goodall, DVM

I’ve washed and dried thousands of horse blankets over 25 years and I’ve seen everything. I wish every client had a Blanket Valet to keep their blankets—and horses—dry and healthy between professional washings.

— Tandy Joy Hufford, The Blanket Lady LLC